Academic Projects

Programing with Python: Data Science

In a two series introductory class, I was introduced to python and data science. More importantly, I was introduced to the idea of programming. As a final project, I decided to look at FIFA20 player stats. Using python, I was able to answer many different questions, by creating graphs, pertaining to player stats. Click the button below to look at my code and final project video!

Diversity of Life: Horseshoe Crabs


Horseshoe crabs are unique organisms with a distinctive anatomy. Horseshoe crabs’ anatomy dictates where they are found and what and how they eat. Horseshoe crabs do not have jaws and therefore use small pinchers named Chelicera to placed food in their mouth, which is a small hole surrounded by appendages. Horseshoe crabs use their hind legs…

Global 101: Journey to Navajo Nation

As a first years at Agnes, we must take part in a global learning class. Part of the class is to journey to another place and actively learn from the community which we are visiting. As part of my global learning, I journey to the Navajo Nation Reservation in Arizona. Click the button below to learn more about my experience. 

LDR 101 From Handbills to Hashtags: A Global History of Student Activism

Student Activism, is not a new concept. Student’s have actively engaged in reform from centuries and are a crucial part of any movement. In LDR 101 From Handbills to Hashtags, we learn the history of student activism. We then take the knowledge from prior student activists and channel this knowledge into our own end of year projects. 

Climate Change Protest taken by Valerio Donfrancesco on September 20, 2019. Acquired through flicker